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and a half new voters signed up online under the state's new law they tend to be younger and less leaning than the state's general voting population. >>> wet trip into work this morning. >>> sometimes rainex if conditions are correct, definitely going to be a tough commute this morning. looking at the golden gate bridge you can see the steadier rain over. definitely have wetness on the road that's the way it is going to be mean if it is not raining where you are, it is still going to be slick outside. wanted to give you the bigger picture, no matter where you are traveling to the east and south, you are going to run into wet weather. as you head into the sierra, you can see it turns into snow only at the highest elevations above the passes. it looks like no matter where you go through , going to be wealth the next couple of hours, so be careful. -- back home, temperatures mild this morning. upper 50s everywhere. monterey bay upper 50s to near 60°. wet a.m. commute. partly sunny as we head into the afternoon partly cloudy tonight patchy fog in valleys bright and warm weekend is waiting fo
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1